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Fwd: CPEC is a sea change+Global Consequences of the Trump Presidency+Pakistan’s Womb Bomb: Deadlier than its Nuclear Bomb

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1. China's imperial overreach by Brahma C 25.5.17
2. How 2001 Parliament attack allowed Osama bin Laden's escape from Tora Bora 25.5.17 by sandeep unnithan
3. CPEC is a sea change: It transforms the matrix of opportunities and threats in India's neighbourhood 25.5.17 by swagota ganguly
'Most Marshall Plan aid was in the form of grants instead of loans; Europeans themselves were asked to create their own plans to rebuild their countries; technical assistance was provided to European manufacturers. Moreover the Americans extended Marshall Plan-like aid to Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, and opened their market to them without reciprocal benefits.
According to Ruchir Sharma, Morgan Stanley's chief global strategist, China has kept its growth going after the 2008 financial crash mainly through stimulus measures, by pumping debt into wasteful projects. China's public and private debts have grown from a manageable 150% of GDP during the boom years to an unsustainable 260% now. '
Pakistan was made to refuse a loan offer from the multilateral Asian Development Bank for its $8 billion Peshawar-Karachi railway line, whose funds must be drawn from a Chinese bank instead.'
4. China's Belt and Road Initiative: India must Stay Out by brig gurmeet kanwal 25.5.17
5. Global Consequences of the Trump Presidency 26.5.17 by deepal kapoor
6. Pakistan's Womb Bomb: Deadlier than its Nuclear Bomb 26.5.17 by col anil athale
7. US warship sends vague message in South China Sea 25.5.17 \OPED
8. Is Singapore exploited by India in joint military drill to 'contain' China? OPED 25.5.17
'China and India also have territorial disputes and India is known to shelter Tibetan separatists. India also views the China-Pakistan relationship with concern.'
9. Pakistan's US problem first betrayal 26.5.17 by dr rabia akhtar
Johnson categorically told Ayub that if Pakistan-US alliance had any chance of survival in future, Pakistan would need to stay away from China. '
10. Indian armed forces joint doctrine: Elusive quest for integration 26.5.17 by pushpan das
11. Manchester attack aftermath: 'Good terrorist, bad terrorist' syndrome must end quickly'  25.5.17 by lt gen prakash katoch
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