Monday, May 01, 2017

Musk Proposes Underground Transport Tunnels

Elon Musk has proposed the idea of underground tunnel transport networks to alleviate urban traffic congestion:

That sounds a little fanciful - but even disregarding the transport congestion issue, imagine the idea of building city levels that extend deep below the ground, just as they already extend above the ground with highrise buildings. An efficiently designed Vertropolis city of this type could then very densely pack a lot of office and living space into a small area. This in itself could minimize urban sprawl and commute challenges by packing everyone within shorter distance from each other.

Sure, it might not be the ideal lifestyle role model for the country as a whole, but it might help to have at least a few such highly-efficient super-dense vertical cities in order to compete globally against other major international metropolitan commercial centres. India's lack of existing infrastructure offers the opportunity to build its infrastructure according to the newest design principles and ideas.

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