Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Bahubali 2 Breaking All Records

"Bahubali: The Conclusion" the sequel in the movie franchise, is breaking all Indian film records, having in just 5 days achieved Rs.720 Crores in box office earnings worldwide (Rs. 450 Crores of it in India alone). This makes it the most successful movie in Indian history by the widest of margins.

One of the most famous landmark movies in Hollywood history, was The Ten Commandments, which made a huge impact when it came out. With Bahubali, film maker Rajamouli has given India its own version of The Ten Commandments. Now we need to see more follow-ups in the same genre released at regular intervals, like Ben Hur, etc.

Hopefully these high-quality epics will raise the bar on Indian film-making. India's film industry already churns out so much junk. For very high-quality movies, perhaps the idea of elevated ticket prices can be justified in the marketplace, as this will result in elevated earnings for such movies, which will in turn spur the industry to invest more into high-quality filmmaking.

BBC covers the film with its own divide-and-rule drainpipe angle, as usual:

But someone has given their evaluation according to a theory of 'Natyashastra':

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Sameer said...

yet the official entries from India to oscars continue to be not so great movies.. headed still by people from khangressi days... and the regular movies (bollywood/Tollywood) are those run of the mill masala flicks which are junk..

Hope Bahubali becomes a trand setter than the occassional outlier.