Saturday, May 20, 2017

ELM Channels Balk At Ratings As Arnab's RepublicTV Sweeps

Controversy has erupted as major english-language news channels withdraw from the existing ratings service for measuring viewership, accusing it of reporting inflated numbers for Arnab's RepublicTV:

Reacting to an observation made on Facebook on an report detailing the decision of a  few English TV news channels to boycott BARC, Joshi observed, “What the recalcitrant measurement subjects need to introspect on are the following two issues: how many times have they used multiple frequencies? How long will their advertising proposition survive without a credible, agnostic measure? Many of them (the boycotting TV news channels) also have print businesses and (they) can't be oblivious to the havoc wreaked upon revenues by the absence of a readership measure for an indefinitely long period.”

The whiners are themselves hypocrites, because they themselves have engaged in the same tactics they accuse RepublicTV of.

What's clear is that Arnab & RepublicTV are able to attract far more english-language viewers than the rest of ELM - and this has the ELM terrified. With a much larger english-language viewership, RepublicTV will be able to suck advertisers away from the ELM establishment. This will hit them where it hurts most - in their pocketbook.

What's amazing is that it's taken this long to mount a challenge against the ELM on their own turf - this should have been done a couple of decades ago. Now that the game is on, it's best for iron-clad methods of measurement to be adopted, in order to provide iron-clad proof to advertisers on whom the market really prefers, and thereby give ELM the drubbing they deserve, in front of everyone.

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