Saturday, July 11, 2015

Harmful consequences of mindless meat consumption

Brilliant article by strategic affairs thinker - Brahma Chellaney regarding the harmful consequences of large scale Beef consumption for the environment and ecosystem. The cruel Western model of industrial scale livestock production for the purpose of slaughter to simply satiate the vulgar lust of human beings for animal flesh is simply unconscionable and unsustainable.

Enlightened minds - even in the West are giving up meat and taking to Dharmic traditions such as Yoga, Pranayaam and meditation.

Unfortunately, colonized and enslaved minds in India (Kancha Ilaiah clones) are enamoured of the failed carnivorous Western model and vigorously promote Beef as the panacea to "hunger, malnutrition, starvation" etc and insist on slaughter in the name of "modernity", "minority right to nutrition" etc.

In this context, I would like to state my theorem: "A Hindu willingly eating Beef is akin to committing incest with his mother."

Please draw your own conclusions.


san said...

How is eating beef any more profane than eating any other meat, whether chicken, or pork, or fish, or mutton, or goat, etc? An animal is an animal is an animal. Arguably, meat does have cholesterol, but fish doesn't. Plenty of Hindus eat meat as part of their normal routine.

Pagan said...

Reverence for an animal whose milk we drink. No, we don't consider cow as just another animal.

san said...

You can drink goat's milk too. You can drink the water from a coconut. You can drink juice from an orange. I enjoy eating the meat of the cow more than drinking its milk - it's tastier than goat meat, and less chewy.

Pagan said...

That is one more thing -- you cannot reason with a beef eater. You cannot explain reverence and gratitude to him. He will use the poor and hungry as an excuse to advocate destruction of mother nature.