Monday, July 13, 2015

Quick notes: Wafer fab, 'A' film...

  • Indian Wafer Fab Will be Specialty Foundry: The analog/power wafer fab strategy is well-aligned to India's needs and is seen as an investable project."

  • 'A' film once, not so later: 172 films labelled "A" had been re-certified between October 2012 and March 2015 as "U/A" without following set procedure. Favoritism under Leela Samson?

  • National Agriculture Market: Big-Bang Reform for the benefit of rural population – A valid licensee of the National Agriculture Market should get access to any market in India; why is it restricted to within a state? Can The Government Pull It Off?

  • Air pollution may be causing deadly floods: Air pollution may be causing monsoons to hit South and East Asia earlier and harder. “Effectively it redistributed the precipitation from the wide area of the basin into the mountains.”

  • Raga Jhinjhoti:
     महादेव विश्वंभर
     जटा जूट त्रिनैन निलकंठ

     व्याघ्रांबर अोढे शिव
     भस्म लगा के अंग
     श्रुंगी नाद पूरन बाजत

  • Oil Giant To Build World's Largest Solar Project: The Miraah project will produce 6,000 tons of steam per day

  • Integral Coach Factory: The Debroy committee set up to find ways to reform railways has suggested autonomy for ICF, allowing it to face competition from the private sector. "Dangerous to expose ICF to competition at this stage".

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SS said...

NR Narayana Murthy's food for thought

Great point made by him. Although he flatters himself by claiming his cheap IT bodyshop model an "innovation".

We are not an Technology shoopahpawah, far from it. The sooner we realize it and take steps to foster innovation the sooner we can join the First World.