Monday, July 06, 2015

Quick notes: AMCA, Fuel cookie...

  • From Tejas to AMCA: While the IAF will be praised if the AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft, an indigenous Gen-5 fighter) meets its objectives, credit should really go to the unfairly vilified DRDO-HAL-ADA combine for leapfrogging three generations of technology in developing the fourth-generation Tejas fighter.

    In this process, the LCA project has catalysed an aerospace eco-structure, and a design experience, that will be the essential springboard to the AMCA. With much of these Gen-4 technologies currently being refined for the Tejas Mark II, the AMCA team can focus on the Gen-5 challenges.

  • Fuel Cookie from waste wood: 84% less wood and 98% less emissions than traditional open fires.

  • Air pollution makes your brain age faster, destroying white matter like a neurotoxin.

  • The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten: Maybe shifts in our intestinal microbial communities, driven by antibiotics and hygiene, have contributed.

  • Kalyug:

  • Chainless e-bike:

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