Friday, February 06, 2015

Quick notes: EMALS, Solar maps...

  • India eyeing EMALS technology from the US... Little indication of forward movement in Indo-US defence relations even after Obama's visit.

  • India Solar resource maps

  • The Puzzling Link between HIV diagnoses and Craigslist

  • Why I Want To Spend My Whole Life In Varanasi: But please do something about the damn traffic

  •  Mandukya Upanishad Verse 7:
    He is neither that which is known, nor that which is not known. Nor is He the sum of all that might be known.
    He cannot be seen, grasped, bargained with.
    He is undefinable, unthinkable, indescribable.
    The only proof of his existence is Union with Him. The world disappears in him.
    He is the peaceful, the good, the One without a second

  • naantaHpraGYaM na bahishhpraGYaM na ubhayataH praGYaM
    na praGYaanaghanaM na praGYaM na apraGYaM .
    adR^ishhTam avyavahaaryam agraahyam alakshaNaM
    achintyam avyapadeshyam ekaatma pratyayasaaraM
    prapaJNchopashamaM shaantaM shivam advaitaM chaturthaM manyante sa aatmaa sa viGYeyaH .. 7..

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