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Fwd: MRC : 4th Feb 2015 : "Studying History of Science & Technology in India"

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Subject: MRC : 4th Feb 2015 : "Studying History of Science & Technology in India"
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Dear friends,

You are most welcome to the lecture below. Please also circulate the announcement among your Bangalore friends who may be interested.



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Subject: Reschedule[Talk] MRC : 4th Feb 2015 : "Studying History of
Science & Technology in India"
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Dear All,

  Name of Speaker: Michel Danino
  Date: 4 February 2015
  Venue: MRC Auditorium
  Time: 5:30 PM
  All are Welcome

  Studying History of Science & Technology in India
  Michel Danino

  India's past scientific and technological advances have been well
documented, although mainstream history of science is yet to take full
notice of them. In fact, India's scientific community remains largely
unaware of India's contributions to the field, rightly distrustful of
exaggerated claims, but doing little to promote research in Indian
history of science.

         Using authentic scholarship in the field, this illustrated
lecture will offer an overview of scientific achievements in
India from earliest times, with a focus on mathematics and
astronomy. It will also show how India's cultural background
led to developments different from those found in other
civilizations, illustrating how in the ancient world at least,
science and culture need to be studied together. Finally it will
address the oft-asked question: Why did science in India did not
evolve into modern science if it was so advanced?


  Born in France in 1956, Michel Danino has been living in India since
1977 and is now an Indian citizen. A student of Indian civilization, he
has authored papers and books in French and English. Recent titles
include The Lost River: On the Trail of the Sarasvati (Penguin India,
2010) and Indian Culture and India's Future (DK Printworld, 2011). The
Dawn of Indian Civilization and the Elusive Aryans is forthcoming.

     Michel Danino has lectured across India on the Indus-Sarasvati
civilization, the Aryan problem, India's scientific and
technological achievements, India's ecological traditions, and the
challenges faced by Indian culture today. He has taught at several
institutions. He was recently scholar-in-residence at IIT Kanpur for
a lecture series on Indian civilization, and since 2011 he has been
guest professor at IIT Gandhinagar, where he is assisting the setting
up of an Archaeological Sciences Centre.

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