Sunday, February 08, 2015

Quick notes: Crash ratings, Diplomacy lesson...

  • India adopting first-ever crash-test standards. Major automakers would fail

  • Anna Hazare to campaign against Land Acquisition ordinance, says Modi government anti-farmer

  • Paki diplomat in Dhaka caught involving in terror financing and fake Indian currency racket

  • Religion of Karl Marx: The CPI and the CPI-M spent almost a decade-and-a-half accusing each of heresy; the CPI-M refused to accept the CPI into the Left Front fold until it admitted its errors at the Bhatinda session of 1977, a ritual that strongly resembled doing penance.

    The Buddha preached moderation in all matters, and the Jain tradition was to renounce violence of all kinds. This was not the ground where the concept of 'blasphemy' could arise.  It was a different tale in West Asia, where the three Abrahamic religions were born. There was no room for tolerance, leave alone respect, when a faith was (often literally) battling for survival. And so, almost inevitably, heretics and blasphemers alike started to pay with their lives.

  • Fight smog: Chinese man invents 'green firecracker'

  • Bitter lesson in diplomacy:

  • O Ranga Sayee - Semmangudi:

  • Composer: Tyaagaraaja

    O rangashAyi pilacitE O yanucu rA rAdA

    sAranga varuDu jUci kailAsAdhipuDu gAlEdA

    bhUlOka vaikuNTham idiyani nIlOna nIvE yuppongi
    shrI lOluDai yuNTe mA cintadire dennaDo mElOrva
    lEni janulalO nE migula nOgili divya rUpamunu mutyAla
    saruLa yuramunu gana vacciti tyAgarAja hrd-bhUSaNa

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