Monday, February 23, 2015

Quick notes: Arab imperialism, Land grab...

  • Mental enslavement among Indian Muslims: During festivals in India or Pakistan, you increasingly find some Muslims dressed in Arab garb. It is time to address Arab cultural imperialism, because it is far more dangerous today at least in the sub-continent.

  • Authorizing land grab: Section 101 of the UPA Act states that if the acquired land remains unutilized for a period of five years from the date of taking over the possession, the land shall be returned to the owners.  The NDA amendment has swapped a defined period – that of five years – with “a period specified for setting up of any project or for five years”. Trying to be clever here, the mandarins. Starting January, 2015, any company can specify a period of say 10 or 20 years and were they to sit on the land for that long, it will remain with them. This sounds like land grabbing, especially for private projects where the government is also involved.

  • Another Tarun Tejpal? Rajendra Pachauri reigned over a culture of high-fives, hugs and other forms of physical contact that some women found loaded with sexual innuendoes.

  • G Madhavan Nair: "Aryabhatta knew about gravity before Newton. Our ancient scriptures also had information on metallurgy, algebra and astrology way before the western world knew about them".

  • Rothschild freeloader:


vtpcnk said...

I often find the comment that islam is really arab imperialism. but don't hindutvavaadis realize that the original template was setup by jews with Christianity? jesus and all his apostles were jews (with distinct jewish names often quite different from their anglicized versions). inspite of jews having killed jesus, most Christians secretly revere jews as the 'chosen people'. which is exactly what the jews intended for their global cultural domination.

karyakarta92 said...

It isn't just Indian Muslims who dress up as Arabs during their religious festivals. Increasingly, Sickular non-Muslim politicians are also donning Arab clothing on Eid, as if Iftar parties are insufficient appeasement. The two mentally circumcised Chandras, namely of SeemAndhra and Telangana both dressed as Arabs for the last Eid in a sick act of competitive Arabization.

non-carborundum said...

I'm still ambivalent on the land bill. Another point of view: