Monday, February 09, 2015

AAP Sweeps Delhi, Takes 65 of 70 Seats

Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP have swept the Delhi elections for a landslide victory, taking at least 65 out of 70 seats. Stocks in real estate and power immediately fell in response. Given the poor way in
which his govt performed the last time, the question of how well he's going to govern again is front and centre.

The BJP won 5 seats, while the Congress Party got no seats at all, which seems to reflect the abandonment of the Congress Party by its traditional vote banks in favour of AAP.

Looks like "Gharibi Hatao" has just been successfully resuscitated.


non-carborundum said...

Series of goof ups by BJP. But it may not be the worst outcome. AAP will have to actually govern a state, that too one that has multiple jurisdictions. Should tire them out.

Raja said...

There are two possibilities for this shocking defeat. Every one thought that BJP would get at least between 20-30 seats. The defeat with such a margin would not have been a surprise. One of the folowing might have happened.
1. The ground level workers were totally miffed with the VJP top brass for messing it up and voted or worked against them.
2. It is possible to rug the EVMs. Surprising that BJP did not do this. But CIA/ISI backed AAP guys have the technical ability to do so. I sometime ago read an article on IEEE on how even non-networked electronic devices could be compromised. All that its needs is a receiver like an USB drive based one or something equivalent. Then a suit case like box, the controller, which can be miles away, can talk to it and compromise its contents. This is what Mossad/CIA used to destroy the Iranian centrifuges using Stuxnet to compromise Siemen's nuclear power plant control software. The current BJP IT cell are not all the bright as I thought of them to be.

san said...

We always say that - but the more reforms are delayed, the steeper the climb becomes for India to get out of its hole.

What's very is clear is that without stronger representation in the media, BJP is not going to be able to get its message out clearly. We can see the media showing its true leftist colours with its gleeful gloating over the AAP win. None of them seem to be asking whether AAP can govern. They're all busy plotting the next electoral victory, like the Ponzi-schemers they are.

And that's the real problem here -- AAP doesn't have to govern Delhi well, because they're banking on hopping to the next stepping stone before their current one sinks. By the time their Delhi gig falls apart, they'll have found some other opportunity elsewhere.

Sameer said...

It's a set back for BJP and Modi.
It is a win for Media and anti-Hindus.
It was expected in Delhi anyway, where most of the babudom lives, which got pissed off by Modi.

But this set back got BJP/Modi/Amit Shah more alert and perhaps came as a needed one, which can make them more focused and planned.

san said...

Now that Babu vote bank have played their card, that clears the way for Centre to really go at them hard now. There should be a new drive to downsize and streamline the central bureaucracy. This will reduce expenditure outlay and free up resources for more needy goals.