Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hindu grandfather paralyzed by racist cops in Alabama

This is a terrible tragedy. Mr. Suresh bhai Patel, a Hindu grandfather was visiting his son in Alabama who had recently purchased a home - and went on a walk around the neighborhood.

A white supremacist Christist bigot called up the police simply because he saw someone who looked "different" on the footpath - the link includes audio from the 911 call describing "a skinny black guy, probably around 30 years old"

The racist white cop confronted Mr. Patel, who spoke no English - simply for walking down the street; then handcuffed him and threw him to the ground, tackling a harmless old man with unnecessary and disproportionate force - resulting in partial paralysis. Video footage from the police car is available at the link too:

With great effort, I recently persuaded my father to visit me in the U.S. He went walking around the neighborhood alone
while I was at work.

He had been a Fulbright scholar in the U.S 50 years ago and speaks impeccable English.

Was he supposed to carry his Passport and Visa on his person for a simple walk around the neighborhood? Shouldn't an Indian person not even dare to "look" at 
passers by? 

This could happen to any elderly person of Indian origin in America.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been vitiated by the actions of the bigoted White cops in Alabama. 

Abraham Lincoln and the founding fathers of the United States would have been utterly SHOCKED by the racial and religious intolerance in today's America. 

Yet, President Obama disingenuously sermonises to India about alleged religious intolerance - when in fact, American evangelicals working to destroy Hindu civilization and undermine India's national sovereignty routinely travel to India on their "missions" and roam around the country unmolested.

I tagged Prime Minister Modi in multiple tweets on this subject, asking whether he would take up the racially motivated attack on Mr. Suresh Patel by prejudiced White cops in Alabama - with his good friend of recent vintage "Barack". 

I'm glad that GOI protested strongly in New Delhi and the Indian consulate with jurisdiction acted without its typical lethargy and displayed some spine. The city in Alabama has also apparently fired the racist policeman and arrested him.

But, such incidents are entirely avoidable - if racial and religious tolerance is inculcated in Americans, before its administration issues sanctimonious sermons misdirected at countries that do not need them.

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exosing christianity's true agenda said...

I am pleasantly surprised at how the Indian government handled this situation. It's good to see this. However, I am disappointed that someone at a higher level of the Indian govt did not point out President Obama's hypocritical statements about India's "tolerance". Any time white Americans point out "tolerance" to Indians we have to bluntly but politely point out that tolerance is a global issue and that christians have to solve their own caste issues first.