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2. Some issues with respect of India's nuclear liability law I by g balachandran 10/2/15
3. Prayers for breakfast by k p nayar on Obama religious tolerance sermon. Insightful. 11/2/15
4. Sino-Indian border dispute requires clear signals 11/2/15
'However, since Swaraj has raised that the upcoming state visit of Modi will be "an action-oriented visit," and will narrow down areas of differences in order to resolve the border dispute, India is making efforts in showing flexibility and creating a favorable atmosphere on resolving the issue. If there is an "out-of-box solution," it is likely a breakthrough over the eastern part of the border, which contains the most controversial area between China and India. Take the illegal McMahon Line, which is at the heart of the boundary dispute. The line running through the eastern Himalayas is a unilateral boundary created by Henry McMahon, a colonial official of British India at the time. This is a line that China has never accepted. If India won't make adjustments over the line, there will be no suggestion whatsoever that the two sides are any closer to agreeing.
Now that Swaraj has put forward the potential "out-of-box solution" this time, we have every reason to expect that the logjam could be broken and a new beginning could be made. But it remains to be seen what dedication Modi will put into a practical settlement for the bitter territorial dispute.'
My take – can Indian demand Maps from the Chinese on constitutes the Border before giving any out-of the box solutions.
5. Sino Pakistan ties to get closer 11/2/15
6. Pakistan's unique relations with China by Masood 11/2/15
'Pakistan will have to factor in China's global perspective while formulating its future policy and expectations. There is also a lot that our leaders need to learn from the sophistication of China's foreign policy. Despite US strategic convergence and growing support to India's role at the regional and global level, China remains unruffled and poised.
Because of the very complex nature of its relations with India, Beijing is uncomfortable when India- Pakistan tensions aggravate. Clearly, China would remain supportive of Pakistan but would like it to manage relations with its adversary more subtly to retain an environment whereby it is not forced to take sides, especially when the two countries have growing economic and commercial interests, despite their strategic incongruence.'
7. from Lanka – Diplomacy: China creeps thru Govt ears by upul josheph fernando 11/2/15
'The China-funded port city, a $1.34-billion project coming up near Colombo's Galle Face beach, has been in news ever since it was inaugurated in September by Chinese President Xi Jinping who visited Sri Lanka. Just ahead of Sri Lanka's presidential polls in January, Wickremesinghe – who was then the Opposition Leader – said the project would be scrapped should his joint coalition come to power, due to serious threats to the environment. Going by Wickremesinghe's emphatic comments pre-election, the Cabinet's nod for the project – announced on Thursday by Senaratne – seemed a virtual U-turn in its position".
This project was one cause for India to fall out with Mahinda. India's problem is: Why did Colombo give priority to the Chinese Port City Project over the priority list of issues in the 100-day programme?'
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