Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scotland On Eve of Secession Vote

As the people of Scotland prepare to vote on independence from Britain, everyone recognizes that regardless of outcome, the vote will change the UK forever. Even if the independence vote fails, London has committed to devolving more powers to Scotland if it stays in the UK.

What will happen to the economies of Scotland and the remainder of the UK? What will happen to the well-known British flag, which is a composite of English and Scottish flags? Will the remainder of the UK remain intact? What will happen to British nukes? What about UK's permanent seat on the UNSC? What will happen to the EU? What will be the effect on numerous separatist movements around the world, including those trying to separate from India?

Since a huge share of Labour MPs are elected from Scotland, its secession from the UK would leave the UK Labour Party in the political wilderness, while the Conservatives would have an easy lock on power. Whatever short-term satisfaction they might gain from assisting a separatist movement, UK-based Kashmiri separatists are likely to see their influence diminish in a UK sans Scotland.

The separatist leader Alex Salmond has presented a very breezy picture of Scotland achieving independence without serious costs, and turning into a dreamy Scandinavian type of society, courtesy of the North Sea oil reserves off the Scottish coast. However, some oil-rich Scottish territories may be whispering of seeking independence from Scotland, should it secede from the UK.

Where's Mountbatten when you need him?

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