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Fwd: China failed to capitalise on Xi's Delhi visit+ Keeping China at bay is key to protect Lanka+Daniel Twining: India, the global swing state for US and China

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1. Research in China by Claude Arpi 24/9/14
2. China failed to capitalise on Xi's Delhi visit by kanwal sibal 23/9/14
'India's willingness to endorse China's Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor has been puzzling, as it risks propelling our northeast into China's orbit. Modi has added a caveat by declaring "our efforts to rebuild physical connectivity in the region would also require a peaceful, stable and cooperative environment. As a condition for opening Nathu La for the Mansarovar Yatra, we seem to have yielded to China's cajolement to indirectly accord recognition once again to the Tibetan Autonomous Region being an integral part of China through an awkward and peculiar formulation. Almost all the "agreements" signed during the visit, including on railway cooperation, are non-binding MOUs.
3. Liberalise border trade practices Myanmar can be the gateway of India to the East by G Parthasarathy
'Or border trade regulations are crafted by mandarins in North Block and Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi, who have no idea either of the ground situation along the India-Myanmar border or the pragmatism that China shows in treating the markets across its land borders with its neighbours, not as foreign markets, but as extensions of China's own markets.
Moreover, the "Kaladan Multimodal Corridor" linking our north-eastern states to the Bay of Bengal through the Port of Sittwe in Myanmar will be useful only if Sittwe becomes the key port for India-Myanmar trade.
In the mid-1990s Myanmar offered us hydro-electric projects across rivers near our borders. We took over a decade to scrutinise these projects, which companies in South Korea had earlier offered to construct. After nearly two decades, we backed off. Our private companies similarly have not been able to avail offers of land for agriculture across Myanmar. India was offered hundreds of acres of land with bamboo plantations for making paper pulp'.
4. Keeping China at bay is key to protect Lanka 23/9/14 by Pearl Thevanayagam
What is the SC trying to become. What are the issues of law in the flood situation. They should focus on clearing backlog of cases.
'A China-India axis would tilt the balance of power against the United States, calling into question the future of its alliances with nations like Japan, and the ability of the U.S. to lead globally. By contrast, a U.S.-India partnership would make it more difficult for China to challenge American leadership in Asia and the world.
As one Indian strategist put it: "We didn't seek a strategic partnership with America because we thought you'd go into decline but because we expected you to remain strong -- and to lead." Obama should heed this message when he meets India's prime minister.'
'Xi has also either selected, or approved the selection, of senior PLA commanders. Particularly, the commander of the Lanzhou military region which includes the Ladakh region in its overall area of responsibility, was promoted by Xi and has publicly expressed fealty to him. The political commissar of the Lanzhou region has also benefited from a promotion given by Xi this July.'
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