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Fwd: Modi's diplomatic talents+Brahma Chellaney | Narendra Modi’s imprint on foreign policy+Review of Policy in FDI+Modi markets India Inc to Japan +LOTS MORE

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1.Modis diplomatic talents will be asset by T P Sreenivasan 2/9/14
2. Brahma Chellaney | Narendra Modi's imprint on foreign policy 2/9/14
'One trademark of Modi's foreign policy is that it is shorn of ideology, with pragmatism being the hallmark. The policy's overriding objective appears to be to enhance the country's economic and military security as rapidly as possible. '
Judge Radhabinod Pal was the only dissenting voice among 11 Allied justices during the trial of Japan's leaders at the international military tribunal after World War II.
4. Review of policy in FDI by Lt Gen Prakash Katoch 2/9/14
5. Averting a political storm by talat masood 3/9/14
7. Violent terrorism taking toll on investment, tourism in Xinjiang 3/9/14
10. Why it need not be China or Japan for India by Mohan Guruswamy 3/9/14
11. Military and Technical cooperation between Japan and India could be promising 2/9/14
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