Thursday, September 18, 2014

richard rahul verma to be new us ambassador to india

i hope richard rahul verma is not another bobby piyush jindal type turncoat.

alas, he is likely to be anti-india and anti-hindu, given that he was part of the hillary clinton team (let us note that hillary's right-hand-woman is huma abedin, a pakistani-american whose ancestors were indian hyderabad razakars iirc). no wonder, given the way the previous amb nancy something was towards india. (btw, nancy was the butchest diplomat i have ever seen. don't you agree?)

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karyakarta92 said...

He could be a Gunga Din like Preet Bharara. I hope not, in the interest of Indo-U.S relations. India should put him in his place, if he acts uppity. I thought Huma Abedin's parents were Muslim Brotherhood types from Egypt? Huma is rumoured to be Hillary's lesbian partner. Her husband Anthony Weiiner (really his name) the ex-Congressman from NY is a jackass like Free Willy - got caught in a sexting scandal using govt issued phones. So, the lesbo rumour is credible. Pity, because Huma is kinda gorgeous and I rather fancy good looking Muslimahs.