Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tejpal Muddying the Waters with Political Allegations

As Tejpal staunchly claims that he is a victim being targeted by the BJP, many of his former associates are distancing themselves from him - although some like Rahul Singh still continue to stand by him:

With so many of Tehelka's employees now jumping ship - running for the "protest boat" - it seems they doth protest too late. Tehelka is being criticized for not having in place an appropriate forum for complainants to bring their grievances to, including over sexual harassment. In which case, how come these suddenly pious employees who are only just now quitting Tehelka in protest were not previously compelling management to set up such things? Seems to me like they themselves never cared about whether these Vishaka guidelines were enforced, and only want to pass the buck onto management. Had they spoken up before to get these things created in their workplace, then maybe Tejpal would have thought twice before committing his acts. Lefties love to preach to others and hold everyone else to their high moral standards, but never put any onus of accountability on themselves.

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