Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Indian judicial system officially subservient to Sharia law?

It appears that the deleterious effects of infiltration by indoctrinated pseudo-liberal "justices" such as Rajinder Sachar, Ranganath Mishra et al has taken a toll - the result of which is de facto compliance with Sharia law by the Indian judiciary.

Otherwise, the gratuitous references to the ROP's book while delivering a judgement in a run of the mill criminal case is inexplicable?

Are the Talwars adherents of the ROP? Were the deceased individuals initiated into the ROP?

If not, what is the context for this pronouncement? Other than affliction of the Dhimmi judge by a phenomenon described by some as "mental circumcision"
or simply "Dhimmitude".


In his 204-page judgement, Additional sessions judge Shyam Lal said the couple had flouted the "ferocious penal code of the land" and had breached the commandment "thou shall not kill" and the injunction of the Holy Quran, "take not life which God has made sacred".

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