Monday, November 25, 2013

Arundhati Claims to Suffer 'Rape No.2' by Tejpal

Feeling betrayed by news of Tejpal's vile act of rape, Ms. Arundhati Roy, the Goddess of Swelled Heads has decided to egotistically conflate her predicament by equating it with that of the young female journalist who suffered Tejpal's sexual assault.

Complaining that Tejpal's betrayal of her ideals was 'Rape No.2', Arundhati wails that she was forced to speak up out of her worries that her silence would undermine her reputation, given her past association with someone who is now an accused rapist.

Oh, you poor dear victim, Miss Arundhati Roy. Obviously your plight must be as serious as the young lady who was assaulted in the elevator. How deserving you are of everyone's sympathy. NOT!

Miss Egotistical Roy, if you feel embarrassed at your association with Tejpal, then you have only yourself to blame for trusting and joining hands with a demagogue whom so many of us have criticized as a fake in the past. These hot air-blowing posers are easily identifiable, and your blindness to his false character is no less than your blindness to your own. How ridiculous and self-centred of you to conflate your own feelings of disillusionment about Tejpal with the violation he inflicted upon his employee. Once again, Miss Roy, you show us that you are all about yourself - as usual.