Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fwd: Pujya Acharyas acquitted

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From: Radha Rajan <radharajan7@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Subject: Pujya Acharyas acquitted

After nine excruciatingly painful years all those accused in the sankararaman murder case were acquitted today by the Pondicherry court. Both acharyas of the Kanchi matham have been acquitted by the court. But this is not closure for me; not for me. Not until I see karma in action.
My problem is I dont forget - anything. Not the government, the individuals nor the param bhaktas of the matham who caused the crisis in the first place.
The acharyas have been acquitted but how can these creatures atone for arresting them, for incarcerating them and for drugging Pujya periava and making a video of Pujya acharya falling down as he was speaking. Above all Pujya Acharya's heath has failed.
Bhaktas of the matham have been silenced just as Aurobindo was silenced, by brutal political power. But not me, not me. Yesterday the unspeakably vile brother of the unspeakably vile Nakkeeran Gopal called up a bhakta and posed an unspeakably vile question. This gentle mild mannered man replied politely and hung up.
It is a real pity that these creatures dont cross my path. Lastly the bhaktas who have shed tears of blood, who have stopped celbrating anything in life, how can the rascals who caused this tragedy to happen, how can they atone for the tears of bhaktas?
I charge all those who stood silently without doing anything, those who abandoned the matham and the acharyas in the time of tragedy as being worse than the polity which caused the tragedy.
The acharyas, for their bhaktas are mata pita guru and bhagwan and so are untouched by evil. But bhakti has been defiled, bhaktas have been heartbroken. So, I will not forgive; not for seven janmas. And considering the intensity of my anger seven janmas may not be long enough to forget. RR

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