Friday, August 16, 2013

Quick notes: NDTV Roasted, Misery Index...

  • "Well, if I can answer your question.. if you will allow me that courtesy, then it seems you have absolutely no respect for your own Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of India has looked into those allegations, I believe on a number of occasions, and has always absolved Narendra Modi completely from these allegations... So, for you to be bringing them up on Indian television, I find that extraordinarily strange".
    (... female babbles something about democracy...).

    Madam, you are very keen to talk over me rather than to conduct an interview. But if you think democracy is best served by not observing the views and the judgements of your own Supreme court, then I am most surprised"....

    female finally manages something like: we are the ELM of Radia Media fame and we question the country's Supreme Court and we nurture congenital hatred against Hindus everywhere.
    H/T: slim_shady

  • A chart from Nomura sums up the misery injected into the Indian economy by Kaangress: It’s the first time in over twenty years that it has remained stuck at such a high level, they note.

  • The corruption of economics: In 2005, at the annual Jackson Hole, Wyo., conference of the world's leading central bankers, the chief economist of the IMF, Raghuram Rajan, presented a brilliant paper that constituted the first prominent warning of the coming crisis. Rajan pointed out that the structure of financial-sector compensation, in combination with complex financial products, gave bankers huge cash incentives to take risks with other people's money, while imposing no penalties for any subsequent losses. Rajan warned that this bonus culture rewarded bankers for actions that could destroy their own institutions, or even the entire system, and that this could generate a "full-blown financial crisis" and a "catastrophic meltdown." When Rajan finished speaking, Larry Summers rose up from the audience and attacked him, calling him a "Luddite," dismissing his concerns, and warning that increased regulation would reduce the productivity of the financial sector.

  • A Smart Phone Uses as Much Energy as a Refrigerator: Add in the amount of electricity it takes to move data across networks to deliver a total of, say, an hour of video to your smart phone or tablet each week, and over a year it adds up to more power than two new Energy Star refrigerators consume in a year.

  • Soda linked to Aggression in Young Children. The study found a clear association between aggression—as well as withdrawal and attention problems—and soda consumption.

  • Chinese zoo's African lion turns out to be just a big, fluffy dog

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