Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Exports Soar.. Jobs Galore

Their capitalism is not dictated by speculators. They have little faith in all that financial wheeling dealing with dubious economic value. They rely on good old fashioned Engineering, Research and Development. They charge 28% on capital gains tax, but they aren't doomed.
German Exports Soar above One Trillion Euros
Germany appears to be an island of tranquility on the labor market too. Despite growing recession fears, there were more open positions available in November than ever. After a brief lull in Sept. and Oct., demand for workers climbed to a record high, the Federal Employment Agency (BA) reported.

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Ghost Writer said...

@inferno - on the contrary Germany will not be in for a happy time when the euro explodes - or will be left holding the bag on Greek / Italian / Spanish debts.

Germany did to the southern european countries what China has been doing to the rest of the world - mercantalism.

The euro is nothing but a means to keep the value of the german currency low and keep the exports (and associated employment) humming. But th eda of reckoning is not too far.

Actually I dont see much hope for europe. It will get back to squabbles and war and all european will show their true i.e. thuggish character.

when everything else fails - they will beat up on the Roma. They will not beat up on their Muslim population - the Atlanticist will become sleepless like Manmohan; but the Roma are descended of Hindus - and hence have no human rights.