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kanchan gupta: A just war against Hamas

jan 3rd, 2009

this, as well as kanchan's previous piece on brinda karat instigating people to force the indian government to surrender to the hijackers of IA 814, are masterly.

i used to be a supporter of the palestinians, and i used to harangue my israeli classmate iddo about them. i have since reformed myself. israelis are the ones who are victimized, you whom the mohammedans and the anti-semitic europeans wish to wipe out. the arabs couldn't care two hoots about palestinians -- they will fight the jews to the last palestinian. and a lot of europeans (who have absorbed anti-jew sentiment with mother's milk) will applaud.

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Coffee Break

A just war against Hamas in Gaza

Kanchan Gupta

The rally organised by the CPI(M) in Delhi last week to protest against Israel's bombing of Hamas establishments in Gaza was both comical and revealing. There was a crowd of mullahs in skull caps, their hennaed beard neatly combed, waving placards with an assortment of printed slogans, the least offensive of which said "Israel is the real terrorist". And there was CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat, clearly a class apart from the mob she had gathered to denounce 'Zionist aggression'. If the rally was aimed at instigating people to rise in protest against the justly deserved punishment being meted out to Gaza's Islamofascists for whom peace is a five-letter dirty word forbidden by the perverse ideology of Harkat al-Muqawamat al-Islamiyyah (Islamic Resistance Movement), otherwise known as Hamas, then it singularly failed in achieving its goal. For a change, barring professional protesters and European busybodies — most of whom, like the CPI(M)'s mullahs at home, nurse a hatred of Jews — the world would like to see the organisation and its top leaders, including Khaled Mashaal, Ismail Haniyah and Mahmoud Zahar, neutred if not liquidated.

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