Sunday, August 31, 2008

wilson john: Azadi to terrorise India

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From: Naresh

Azadi to terrorise India

Wilson John

The pro-azadi slogans we hear and the Pakistani flags we see in the Kashmir Valley are self-contradictory. Or are they? What Farooq, Malik and Shah dream of is no different from what Geelani hopes for: Kashmir becoming Pakistani territory

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The evidence of the terrorist group's close coordination with elements on the Indian side of Kashmir was betrayed by the LeT's elaborate plans to welcome the 'Muzaffarabad Chalo' march. While a large section of the media projected the march, led by pro-Pakistani Kashmiri leaders, as a 'spontaneous protest', the LeT was clearly preparing for such an event. The group's members, workers and supporters had gathered near the Line of Control in thousands and were chanting, "Sabeeluna, sabeeluna; al-jihad, al-jihad" (Our path, our path; al-jihad, al-jihad) and "Kashmirioun say rishta kya? La ilahe il allah" (Our connection with Kashmiris: There is no god but allah). While Geelani said "India cannot crush the freedom movement of Kashmiris", Umar Farooq said the "relationship of bullet and hatred with India will continue".

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