Sunday, August 31, 2008

n ram's acolyte speaketh: Chindu's child bats for China

aug 31st, 2008

yet another communist fifth-columnist goes on a very controlled guided tour of chinese-occupied tibet and files a glowing report. this is probably lifted verbatim from xinhua propaganda.

n ram has started the "chinese school of propaganda" (aka asian school of journalism) in chennai which trains a lot of such wide-eyed fifth-columnists.

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From: Krishnan

"For the Chinese government, the politics and development of Tibet, an autonomous region covering almost one-eighth of the country's area, has been a complex issue with a troubling international dimension. An interesting development in recent years is the growing information flow on Tibet now available on the Net from official, unofficial and news sources within Tibet. This offers a credible and informed alternative to the assertions and assumptions of the pro-Dalai press. Along with greater transparency that will result from the opening of the region, the terms of the debate over the Tibet question will surely become more balanced and fair."

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