Sunday, August 31, 2008

kinda hard for bangladesh to take action against 'militants' considering that is the entire mohammedan population there

aug 31st, 2008

since the 97% mohammedan population of bangladesh, including the millions already resident in india, are religious fanatics, they are all terrorists or potential terrorists. so it is meaningless to sign any agreement which indicts 97% of a country's population.

naturally, count on xinhua propaganda agency to propagate such a meaningless 'agreement'.


karyakarta92 said...

This amounts to sheer escapism, shirking of responsibility by the UPA's dhimmi national insecurity establishment. Because, acknowledging the issue and confronting it will involve testesterone which the dhimmis lack. Robust action to defeat East Pakistan's Jihad will necessarily involve some blood and iron, again anathema to the "Ahimsa at any cost" pacifists. Hence, the fig leaf of an "agreement" with the "Bangladeshis". In fact, this is likely a pretext to "reward" the impoverished butchers for their "cooperation" with even more unwarranted and extravagant doles
of cash, grain and cows, literally. Lallu might be planning
capacity augmentation of Indian railway freight carriers, at this very moment - in order to facilitate Beef supply to eager Bangladeshi butchers.

With Dhimmis controlling state power, only a Mahapralay induced by global warming can address the "Bangladesh" issue.
Alas, 20% of their populace is already in India and welcomed by genocidal maniacs like that Ram Vilas Paswan.

helle said...

It's Excellent post. I liked it.