Sunday, August 31, 2008

amarnath 'solution' a defeat for hindus

aug 31st, 2008

mohammedans have successfully established that the kashmir valley is their exclusive territory (dar ul islam) and that the dhimmi hindus are allowed to use a small plot of land temporarily under jaziya.

but i guess the poor hindus of jammu were getting tired of the privations of two months of agitation. the rest of us didn't do squat to help them. what should have mushroomed into a huge popular movement that would bring down the christist-controlled UPA didn't really materialize. and the christists of course did a nice diversionary move (opening a second front) by assassinating swami lakshmananda in orissa.


sands said...

and still Motarma Mehoboba mufti does not like the "Deal " but am still kinda positive of the agitation in recent living memory there was no movement that had hindus united like this not even advani's ram janambhoomi so from now on from kashmir to orissa alteast some of us have shown spine ..

karyakarta92 said...

Things were getting ugly with Jihadi terrorists sneaking into Jammu and indulging in a turkey shoot. I wouldn't put it past the UPA dhimmis for facilitating this in order to crush the Hindu upsurge. It is not a perfect "solution". That Hindus had to agitate so much for a paltry piece of land is a shame. Indeed, it is indicative of the gradual descent of a 10,000+ year old civilisation into the pit of Islam and Christism. It is a wake up call for all Hindus - across the world to be vigilant and resolute in their resistance. It is still not too late to contribute individually for our collective survival from the predatory Abrahamic hyenas.