Thursday, March 20, 2008

thus speaks a real woman: We do not want Sarabjit in exchange for terrorists: wife

mar 20th, 2008

shame on the indian government!

these men in the UPA government are eunuchs, invertebrates.

here is a woman of courage saying that she would not want her husband to be exchanged for a bunch of terrorists. she is in the lineage of lala lajpat rai, kartar singh sarabha, bhagat singh, sukhdev, rajguru, et al. they were real men. she is more manly than the cowards of the UPA.

i remember brinda karat chivvying on the relatives of the hijacked on the IA flight to kandahar. she was caught on camera doing this. she wanted them to demand that the government release terrorists so that the hijacked plane could be brought back. of course, this just shows that brinda karat is an anti-national who doesn't care about india. which we knew anyway. the terrorists released then, as we all know, included arch-terrorists masood azhar and omar sheikh.

i take my hat off to the sikhs. i have often expressed my admiration for their courage and spirit.

manmohan is no sikh. manmohan had sleepless nights when a mohammedan was merely accused of being a terrorist. now that a sikh is about to be executed, manmohan is perfectly happy. and when a mohammedan is convicted by the supreme court of attacking the indian parliament, once again manmohan's heart bleeds for him.

did i ever mention that manmohan is india's worst-ever prime minister, even defeating jawaharlal nehru in that dubious race? and that takes a lot of doing, considering what jawaharlal managed: 50 years of the nehruvian penalty, 400 million people condemned to starvation.

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We do not want Sarabjit in exchange for terrorists: wife

Amritsar: In a bold statement on Wednesday, the wife of Sarabjit Singh
said the family did not want him repatriated from Pakistan if it meant
India releasing some terrorists in exchange.

"Myself and my daughters would never like Sarabjit freed in exchange for
any hardcore Pakistani terrorist lodged in Indian jails," Sarabjit's
wife, Sukhpreet Kaur, told PTI.

Ms. Kaur said that for the family, "nothing is above the nation and we
can't go against the interests of our motherland."

Sister's visit

She said the family was informed by journalists that Sarabjit's sister
Dalbir Kaur would be going to Pakistan and the government had assured
her a passport and visa.

"I would urge the government to give me and my daughters travel
documents for visiting Sarabjit in the Kot Lakhpat Jail," she added. -

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