Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Senolytics May Fight Aging

Our bodies' normal cellular metabolism unfortunately produces certain waste residue byproducts which are difficult for our cells to break down and expel. Over time, these then end up gradually accumulating inside our cells to slowly interfere with and gum up their machinery, as part of a process known as Glycosylation, which manifests itself as age-related dysfunction. One particularly bad residue is Glucosepane, which has been shown to be a key culprit in the age-related loss of tissue elasticity, such as for skin.

Senolytics are an emerging class of drugs which may be used to reverse the aging process in people, by eliminating aged cells from the body and cleaning out harmful substances which contribute to aging. This then leaves the human body with a greater proportion of healthier, less aged cells than prior to treatment.


Aging is a non-linear process -- the more aged you are, the faster you will further age, because of cascade effects. Therefore, treatment to stave off aging is more effective/easier when started earlier.

In addition to having the largest pool of biomedically skilled personnel in the world, India is of course a country blessed with a very large population of younger people, which are seen as an asset to its future economic growth. Anti-aging medicine would be a strategic area for India to invest in, given its large base of younger people whose productive potential could be extended through such technology. Also, there is a large potential for medical tourism based on treating the wealthy aging populations of the developed world. The market opportunities for this are predicted to grow by leaps and bounds in the next 5 to 10 years.

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