Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Govt to Dictate Food Portion Sizes at Hotels

Modi's minister of consumer affairs, food and public distribution, Ram Vilas Paswan, is going to tell hotels what portion sizes of food they should serve:


I take it nobody in India has ever heard of a 'doggie bag'? I've eaten at buffet restaurants where they'll charge you extra if you don't clean off your plate. But why should the govt poke its nose into how much a person wants to eat?

The solution to food wastage should perhaps be disposal fees, along with options to take home unused portions of food orders. Developed countries simply allow the market to naturally mediate supply & demand, having long left shortages behind - but for some reason BJP's backward leaders don't seem to know any better.

Likewise, I notice Yogi Adityanath's govt focusing more on Romeos and cow-squads again, when they could be finding more ways to keep development and clean governance in the headlines. Perhaps it's jarring to talk of Hindutva as a "brand", but when voters desperate for development are flocking to BJP for that purpose, then it's best to keep focus in that direction, or face the peril of being thrown out in the next election. Just as it's not good to see food being wasted, likewise the opportunity given by the people from their political mandate should also not be squandered.

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