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Fwd: India needs to learn that economic development comes before a naval buildup+The secret deal : Details of the Framework Agreement +Kashmiri Shops in Tourists Spots

yeah, if we went for butter vs guns, the barbarians will use their guns and take our butter. this has always happened before. 

thank you hans, for gratuitous, self-serving advice!

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Subject: India needs to learn that economic development comes before a naval buildup+The secret deal : Details of the Framework Agreement +Kashmiri Shops in Tourists Spots
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SN – the author want GOI to talk to Kashmiris and Pakistan. Not a word by resp author about Islamization of Kashmir and discrimination against Ladakh and Jammu people. It is this refusal to accept the reality of Islamization ie at the heart of the problem.
TO SOLVE KASHMIR PROBLEM. Stop supply of Mutton from other parts of India. This sugg was given to me by a patriotic Kashmiri Sunni Muslim.
2. Pics of a Army Goodwill School in Kargil http://www.esamskriti.com/photo-detail/AGS-Harka-Bahadur.aspx
SN – Which army in the world runs schools and women empowerment schools. 30 out of 46 schools in Valley. Yet people out there are ungrateful. They have been pampered by successive govts.
3. Should Indian Army take over running schools, training centres for an incompetent state govt? Oct 2016 by sanjeev nayyar http://www.firstpost.com/india/should-indian-army-take-over-running-schools-training-centres-for-an-incompetent-state-govt-3044090.html
5. India needs to learn that economic development comes before a naval buildup 24.4.17 http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1043781.shtml
New Delhi should perhaps be less eager to speed up the process of building aircraft carriers in order to counter China's growing sway in the Indian Ocean, and focus more on its economy.'
SN – The Chinese care for India so much, giving us free and unasked for advice.
6. Kashmiri Shops in Tourists Spots - Is there More than What Meets the Eye? Oct 2016 by sanjeev nayyar http://www.indiandefencereview.com/spotlights/kashmiri-shops-in-tourists-spots-is-there-more-than-what-meets-the-eye/
As I found out in Manali Kashmiri shops are windows for money-laundering. First hand report based on travels throughout India.
7. The secret deal : Details of the Framework Agreement 24.4.17 http://www.thesangaiexpress.com/secret-deal-details-framework-agreement/
The final accord will spell out permanent resident status for the Nagas, like in Jammu and Kashmir. Only permanent residents will have the right to vote and acquire land in Naga territory.
The Union Government will create an autonomous district council with financial autonomy on the lines of the Bodoland Territorial Council for the four hill districts of Manipur (Senapati, Tamenglong, Chandel and Ukhrul)
The exploration and exploitation of oil, natural gas, coal, minerals, forest and other natural resources will be in the State's domain. Some subjects  may shift from the concurrent list to the State list. The Union Government will clarify about the deployment of its armed forces keeping in mind the fact that law and order is a State subject.
A Naga regional council will be set up, which would look after the religious, cultural, traditional and social interests of all Nagas. NSCN(IM) general secretary T Muivah may be made its chairman. A separate flag for the council is under negotiation. A formula for the rehabilitation and absorption of the 15,000-strong Naga army is under negotiation. Its soldiers will surrender their
arms and may be inducted into newly-formed battalions of the Border Security Force and Rashtriya Rifles.'
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san said...

Well, they don't call them "capital ships" for nothing. But India's pursuit of indigenous ship-building is meant to lower costs, as opposed to external procurement. Furthermore, activities such as ship-building provide significant employment - better than paying money to keep idle factories open. As global trade continues to grow, the shipping industry is the fundamental backbone for international commerce. India should be seeking use its low-cost workforce in order to export ships, and thus indirectly subsidize its naval development efforts.