Sunday, April 23, 2017

Quick notes: IT churn, Reservations again...

  • Carnage in Indian IT? Visa norms, AI and automation are weighing heavy on India's IT workers
    ..Isn't IT always about automation? What's new, can someone explain?

  • Land of the Pure: Why Telangana's Expanded Reservation To Muslims Is Not Grounded In Facts

  • Are Christian and Muslim nations ok and Hindu nations not? Hindus do not, unlike Christians and Muslims, divide humanity into those who are chosen by God and those who are eternally damned. Hindu children are not taught to look down on those who are not Hindus, unlike children of the dogmatic religions who are taught that their God does not love those others unless they join their ‘true’ religions.

  • Pure capitalism fails in health care:

  • Batteries + Gas Turbines:  Batteries can serve as a shock absorber, ramping up to meet these signals while allowing the turbines to run less frequently, to meet sustained peaks in market demand. 

  • India can use: Travis is a handheld translator with 80-language support 


SS said...

Hindutva Socialists are back I see, after supporting the AAP's odd-even nonsense, now they are back supporting price fixing and import quotas. Pure capitalism failed eh? Socialism failed even worse.

What is needed is encouraging competition by breaking up hospital monopolies and also removing quotas in Medical School seats. Also, admission to an MD or MS (after MBBS) degree should be made easier. GOI should also invest heavily in rural health care. Rural hospitals and PHCs are in a pathetic state. The private sector can be invited to invest as well. We also have zero R&D in drugs or medical instruments.

Sankrant should stick to talking about the medicinal uses of cow dung. That is more his speed.

san said...

"Isn't IT always about automation? What's new, can someone explain?"

Well, Indian media are always aping their Western counterparts, so they're now parroting what they hear on Western TV. Yes, software is itself a form of automation, and there's always been a trend towards increasingly sophisticated software that automates things ever further. But since Western economies are already heavily established in manufacturing, they then fear the rise of robotics to eliminate more manufacturing jobs. They also think service jobs like bus drivers, cab drivers, food serving, etc could also be eliminated by fancier software (eg. Artificial Intelligence). But India's economy doesn't yet have a large enough manufacturing base yet, and our cab drivers and food servers still operate cheaply enough to be competitive against automation. It will be much easier for automation to disrupt employment in the free markets of the developed world than it will be for it to disrupt employment in the primitive third world. Our farm labourers still manage to keep even ordinary tractors out of the fields through union muscle, in order to extort employment - never mind AI driven tractors.

san said...

Regarding Sankrant Sanu's comment

I don't like the word "capitalism" - it's not a correct description - better phrase is "free market" which emphasizes competition and choice. I don't see how competition and choice can lead to collusion for profit. When collusion against the consumer occurs, then it's a sign that there isn't enough competition and choice, and so the solution is to promote more competition to provide better choices for consumers.

Pagan said...

If there is such thing as a free market model in healthcare, it currently doesn't exist anywhere.

We know how the Doctors' lobby works in the US. We know how the insurance and pharma companies work. It takes a lot of regulation to get them to play fair. Fair play doesn't come naturally, it has to be imposed, through regulation.

Pagan said...

@SS, If nothing, you can compare your comment with San's and find out what you lack.