Wednesday, April 26, 2017

NYT Can't Stop Belching

The New York Times is again on another tear, promoting every drainpipe inspector with an axe to grind - this time it's Hartosh Singh Bal:

They gave him Op-Ed space even while the same guy was mocking Modi's condemnation of the massacre of 25 CRPF jawans in Chattisgarh.

Meanwhile NYT's Celia Dugger has advocated not using the term "female genital mutilation", on the grounds that such a phrase may be "culturally loaded" and thus derogatory to this practice.

Now that Bill O'Reilly has been brought down by Shikhandi tactics from the Left, Tucker Carlson is proving to be a strong replacement in the same nighttime viewing slot.

1 comment:

Sameer said...

OMG, this drain inspector is worse than a roach.. open maoist.. can't such people be arrested?
NYT is a scumbag media.. cannot we (RW Indian media) interview their scumbags and publish their 'articles' like how China does?