Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rich Young Kerala Muslims Join ISIS 'Dream'

A group of young Muslim families from well-off backgrounds disappear from Kerala to join ISIS:

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Pagan said...

You should have copied your excellent comment into your post, San:

There's a large upper-class community of well-to-do Muslim traders in Kerala - and of course they always back the dominant Communist Party that rules the state. Anywhere you find Muslims living among a non-Muslim majority, they'll tend to align with the most Left leaning politicians available, because Leftists are always opposed to the local society or country they live in. This jives with Muslim rejection of cultures other than their own. Meanwhile, whichever countries have a Muslim majority, ideologies like communism are ruthlessly stamped out as "un-Islamic". It once again demonstrates the Muslim mentality of "What's mine is mine, what's yours we share." Wherever Muslims are in the minority, they support the politics of minority rights - but wherever Muslims are in the majority, they stamp out the minority rights of others. The logic of the Golden Rule is not their strong suit - but the logic of greed is.