Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Quick notes: 5G leadership, Energy shift...

5G: China's Huawei battles to own the next generation of wireless technology

Coal losing to renewable energy: The first victim to the rise of renewable energy is coal. Investment in new coal power plants faces challenges of swelling capital costs, coal availability, price risk and long execution period. “With the emergence of renewables as an alternative source of electricity, further investments into coal-based power plants are uncertain”. 

Man-made earthquakes:  Human-induced earthquakes are caused primarily by wastewater from oil and gas drilling operations being injected deep into the ground. 

Is Iodized salt harmful? The petitioner has said that additive chemicals are presently used in artificially iodized salts such as E535 – sodium ferrocyanide, E536 – potassium ferrocyanide, E538 – calcium ferrocyanide and other anti-caking agents which are said to be very dangerous to health. 

Chicken farming: After years of designing fatter birds, food companies are finally realizing chickens shouldn’t grow so fast

Seismic shift: Norway Looks to Eliminate Gas and Diesel Auto Sales by 2025.

Pt. Mallikarjun Mansur : - Raga Maru Bihag

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