Tuesday, March 07, 2017

CNN's show on india: turn the microscope the other way

this is the kind of thing that shows such a negative and in fact bibhatsa (disgusting) and grossly untrue picture of hinduism that it leads to aversion and then shootings of hindus.

imagine if we do a 'drain inspector' type report on american christianity: "they worship the mutilated corpse of a dead arab stuck on a stick" and "they speak in tongues" and "handle poisonous snakes in an orgy of blind faith. many are bitten and killed". others "don't believe in modern medicine, and instead pray. many of their members die from lack of medical attention. but that does not seem to help the cause of rationality".

"there are strange cults that believe bizarre things. for instance, mormons believe in polygamy". other cults, such as the branch davidians, put up armed resistance to the US government, and are then pulverized with tanks. "the jim jones cult made its members drink poisoned kool-aid in a mass suicide". 

"various christian preachers indulge in strange rituals on sunday morning tv, and the gullible among their followers part with their life savings. one preacher named oral roberts said god had told him to that unless he raised $10 million, 'god would call him home'. his flock promptly sent him $10 million".

"several prominent priests have been caught with prostitutes. one particularly fierce preacher, who preached morality and so on, was caught having sex with a prostitute in a car."

all absolutely true, but selected for maximum disgust. and not a proper picture, is it?

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