Thursday, March 16, 2017

now that everybody and his brother is talking #deepstate, remember you heard it here first :-)

see my two part essay from 2015, exactly two years ago:
this was (afaik) the first instance of anyone in india talking explicitly about america's omnipresent #deepstate and its baleful influence on india. i take due pride in that :-)
however, there *was* an earlier use of the term (in 2013) for the congress and its ecosystem, and so here's due credit to centerrightindia. good guys, the folks behind the indian #deepstate is partly a creation of the US #deepstate, as seen in the obvious funding of various anti nationals and think tanks. much like a godman named caldwell invented 'dravidianism' as part of divide-and-rule.


san said...

Rajeev, you should consider putting out a book on this topic, because it's suddenly taken on greater importance for the world at large. Doing that can help cement your coinage of the phrase. And hey, when you look at all the guest commentators who appear on networks like FOX, they all get to plug their books on the air to earn more revenue. Sooner or later, India will get its own version of FOX News and have its own conservative TV news network, and you can become one of those talking heads who gets invited on to give their analysis and commentary.

nizhal yoddha said...

yes, san, i should do that, but i have been too lazy to write a book. and too busy. but it's a good thought. i've been planning a book on innovation for some time, not quite gotten that together either.