Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Hindu Lives Matter too!


Both the left wing MSM and right wing media, such as it is in the U.S have let us down.

The "liberal" MSM would have set the country on fire had a single hair on the head of a single Muslim, African American or Latino illegal immigrant been touched!

On the other hand, Fox News would have waged a relentless war for weeks had the Kansas shooting perpetrator been a Muslim, an African American or a Latino illegal immigrant! 

Neither the victim nor the perpetrator fits the political narrative of either side.

The victim was *only* an Indian, a law abiding, successful, legal immigrant -
a *mere* Hindu to be precise, which doesn't even elicit coverage of the tragedy!

Whatever happened to "liberalism"?
Whatever happened to "compassionate conservatism"?

Thought provoking article by Vamsee Juluri:

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