Thursday, March 09, 2017

damning ambani with faint praise

the #deepstate flunkeys can't totally conceal their admiration at his audacity.

about five years ago, in my iimb class, we discussed how mukesh ambani would come in and totally disrupt indian telecoms with 4G. 

and now he has. 

we live in interesting times. (in fact all this gives india a big opportunity to lead in 5G).

even the economist that loves to mock india is forced to 'damn him with faint praise' :-)

at the time we compared samsung's habit of making big bets and investing heavily with ambani's. now samsung is in a bit of trouble after a strong run. it remains to be seen how jio will do. but full marks to mukesh ambani for audacity.

sent from samsung galaxy note3 neo, so please excuse brevity

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