Friday, January 16, 2015

Quick notes: Jihadi counselling, Proselytizing padre...

  • This is how we deal with potential hardcore terrorists: Hyderabad police foiled the bid by nearly six youth to join IS. In September, cops detained four engineering students from the Old City in Kolkata before they could travel to Syria via Bangladesh to join IS. The youth were handed over to their parents after counselling.  Police, however, did not register a case against them. Later, a former Google employee was held for having connections with the terrorist group. Police also claimed that 15 other youth were discouraged from being attracted towards IS.

  • Conversion to Christianity is a low-key affair, ghar wapsi is shrill and blunt: At every home with an ailing member, a “father” would magically appear and promise a full recovery. In return, he would want the family to surrender to Jesus Christ. Medicines would be supplied and once the said recovery was achieved and the family converted, the charity visits would cease. Many converts said they got no help from the “father” during subsequent illnesses. Many other tribals converted through children studying in missionary schools.

  • Possible Pak Puncture: Islamic State group reaches for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • Five Layers of Fencing: Saudi Arabia Is Building A 600-Mile 'Great Wall' To Shield Itself From ISIS

  • How will India respond? China’s earlier-than-expected test flight of the fifth-generation J-20 stealth fighter has caught the world defence establishment napping. 

  • Advanced jammers to help Tejas evade enemy radars. The standard Tejas aircraft is equipped with an EW suite produced by Israeli firm Elisra, a unit of Elbit Systems.

  • Stealth Drone: China May Have Just Unveiled A New Stealth Drone.... Indo-US joint drone?

  • Falling oil: Senators call for federal gas tax hike

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nutwit said...

How reliable are these Chinki stealth fighters? Apparently their defense procurement is highly corrupt and unreliable. Even the fighter pilots spend long hours singing the songs of revolution.

Also, how reliable is our own Tejas, built by a PSU? Can a PSU ever be efficient and profitable. Plz share ur views on this.

Pagan said...

Chinese military might is not all vapor, as made out in that video.

Regarding PSUs, yes they are a pain. But done right, 'State Capitalism' can be very effective -- as Japan and Israel have shown. State Capitalism is like a public-private joint venture where government takes the initiative, but also involves the private sector.

In our case, a lean DRDO should focus more on integration, while smaller private suppliers develop the pieces. Of course, one lesson India refuses to learn is to involve Universities and Research institutions in its national programs. China seems to be doing this well.