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hey hey, ho, ho, leela samson's gotta go

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Me dearies my hatchet job on Leela Samson comes with 2 different titles on India Facts and Vigilonline, content is same. Click on the urls in India Facts and Vigilonline for some stunning pictures. RR
Leela Samson 'Agonistes'
Leela Samson allows free pass to PK to abuse Hindu gods

Leela Samson 'Agonistes'
Radha Rajan, January 1, 2015

Leela Samson was to Sonia Gandhi what Pupul Jayakar was to Indira Gandhi; Samson, hand-picked by Sonia Gandhi is currently in the eye of another storm and this time for sins of omission and commission as Chairperson Central Board of Film Certification or Censor Board as it is commonly known. Hindus and Hindu organizations protesting against Rajkumar Hirani directed Aamir Khan starrer pk, are accusing Leela Samson of Abrahamic bias: for passing a film which mocks and insults Hindu religious sensibilities. The film is one long anti-Hindu diatribe, (with what has recently become a mandatory Bollywood Pakistani Muslim romantic angle), all packaged in slick photography and appealing music. Indian Hindu loves Indian Muslim love story has now escalated to another level: Indian Hindu loves Pakistani Muslim love story. 

The Muslim underworld which is known to fund Bollywood films, while on the one hand is preparing the soil for secular debunking and young acceptance of the love jihad phenomenon is also simultaneously aiming high with its political intent; from campaigning for the seemingly innocuous communal harmony through Hindu-Muslim love stories, Bollywood's Muslim underworld  is pushing the multi-billion Hindi film industry, especially Hindu artists towards India-Pakistan bhaichara hoping Bollywood's Hindus will turn a blind eye to the very real threat of love jihad and to Indian Muslim and Pakistani Muslim jihadi terror against the Indian nation. A hope that was realized when a deracinated Bollywood Hindu director got a Hindu actor to play the protagonist in Haidar – a vicious anti-India, anti-army and anti-Hindu movie.

Discerning Hindus have taken serious exception to pk's story-line and to several scenes in the film which besides insulting Bhagwan Shiva, heaps insult upon insult on the ordinary religious Hindu. Aamir Khan mouths a corny dialogue – jo dar gaya vo mandir gaya. While it is obvious how the film passed unscathed through th Censr Board, it is a mystery why Modi Sarkar did not evict this Sonia Gandhi appointee as Chairman Censor Board in May 2014 after the new government took charge.

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Why this anti hindu person is allowed still to follow anti national party's agenda, if Modi Sarkar is nationalist?