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Fwd: Sino Burma pipeline boosts energy security+Impact of Obama’s visit to India+Integrated Air Defence for the Indian Airspace+ Japan South Korea relations remain a hostage to history

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1. High on rhetoric but ill-prepared on ground by claude arpi 29/1/15
'This is good, but today, nobody in Arunachal Pradesh believes that the BRO will be able to keep its promises (amongst them, to complete by 2016 the strategic Balukpong-Tawang road)'
2. Integrated Air Defence for the Indian Airspace by air marshall dhiraj kukreja 29/1/15
3. If Americans are liberal and truly allow all to practice and propagate their religions why did they not allow a Islamic Centre to be constructed next to Ground Zero. Read my 2010 art 9/11, Ground Zero mosque, Babri & their symbolism. -
5. Sino Burma pipeline boosts energy security 29/1/15
'China's energy supply security was strengthened further on Wednesday when a crude oil pipeline linking the country's southwest and Myanmar's coastal city of Kyaukpyu began operating.'
6. Impact of Obama's visit to India by talat masood 27/1/15
'The US, however, is fully aware that Pakistan enjoys a unique position with respect to Afghanistan. As US and Nato forces withdraw from Afghanistan, Pakistan's role acquires special significanc.
India's enhanced capacity for production of fissile material would be a source of concern for Pakistan. But anticipating this development, Pakistan has largely taken care of it by stepping up its own fissile material production in the last few years. Our counter-strategy seems to be to further strengthen the strategic partnership with China — the rising and only challenger to the US at the global level. Pakistan's deep strategic relations with China and Saudi Arabia are its countervailing assets.'
'Indeed, no country loves to play the history card more than China, as illustrated by its recent declaration of two new national days to remember Japanese aggression. Not content with the other days it has dedicated to remembrance of its long conflict with Japan, China designated Sept. 3 as "War against Japanese Aggression Victory Day" and Dec. 13 as Nanjing Massacre Day. But what if the victims of China's aggression since 1949, such as Vietnam and India, dedicated days to commemorate Chinese attacks on them?'
8. After the Obama visit: India the swing state by rajeev srinivasan 28/1/15
9. A country is known by the company it keeps by t p srinivasan 28/1/15
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