Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fwd: 25th Kashmiri Pandit Exodus - collection of articles on what happen then

today marks the 25th anniversary of the kashmiri pundits' exile.

this is one reason i feel queasy about the BJP allying with the PDP. it was mufti's daughter's abduction that gave the impetus to the terrorists, because they realized the central govt was afraid of them and would give in to their every demand.

also, it's martin luther king day today. sort of apt.


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Today 19/1/15 is the 25th Anniversary of the exodus of Pandits from the Kashmir Valley. Here are a series of articles on subject.
1. Pics of Arms seized from Kashmiri Militants by sanjeev nayyar.
2. 43,000 Indians died in the Kashmiri Terrorist Movement from 1989 onwards
3. What happened to Pandits in 1990. Hear in their words on NDTV India. Has the nation seen anything like this ever.
4. All you wanted to know about the J&K Problem E book by sanjeev nayyar published in Firstpost – to download book
6. Starting with the first elections in J&K elections were never fair except for one during NDA 1 -
7. Valley has concept of Permanent Resident. Even 60 plus years later West Pakistan Refugees are not PR. To know more
8. This link tells you how population numbers were manipulated so Valley has more seats than its population -
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