Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scary stuff: Mughalistan and Bangladeshi demographic bomb

I believe that a revision of India's nuclear doctrine is in order - to make it amply clear that the posture of "no first use" is 
not applicable: 1) when there is an existential threat to the nation's sovereignty 2) when there is religious genocide unleashed by non nuclear weapon states against Indian civilians

Any Paki, Bangladeshi, Chinese attempt to choke India in the "chicken neck corridor", i.e. to sever the North eastern states from the mainland - constitutes an unacceptable existential threat to India as a sovereign nation that cannot be tolerated. 

It should be articulated boldly that any such precipitate action will be a trigger to lower the threshold for the delivery of such munitions that will obliterate the genocidal maniacs who fantasize about "Mughalistan".

Bangladesh is a growing terrorist hub that not only aids Jihad but also serves as a safe haven forAfghanistani and Pakistani terrorists. The growing radicalization of the native population of Bangladesh is responsible for this. ISLAMIC fundamentalists are now part of Bangladesh government and 58% Bangladeshis think “HUMAN BOMBS” are a good thing for ISLAM.  5,000 Bangladeshi immigrants have created a sleeper cell for JIHAD, and have infiltrated lower areas of ASSAM, they want to break away the north east states and carve out a major portion of India into an Islamic corridor named MUGLISTAN. The code name for this operation given by ISI is operation Pin code.

The city of Siliguri in the state of West Bengal is the central node that connects Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling hills, northeast India and the rest of India.  This Siliguri corridor is also called the ‘Chicken Neck’ of India – it runs for approx. 200 kms lengthwise while it width varies from 20-60 kilometers.

A  Chinese invasion of mere 100 kms South of Bhutan will be sufficient to block this corridor and break the North-Eastern part of India away from its mainland.
Not only insurgency but a flourishing narcotics and weapons traffic also takes place in this region.

The day this small corridor is blockaded, no Hindu will be allowed to escape from North -East back to Indian mainland, neither any help will reach them. We've seen a similar exodus of Hindus from Bhutan in past two decades and barely anyone in India knows about it

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