Monday, July 14, 2014

modi playing three-way game with china/japan

interesting that the US is demoted to 5th place at least in this presumably priority ranking. 

i would suggest two more to include: ASEAN, germany.

the UK (which, with any luck, with soon be the UnTied Kingdom if scotland secedes) should be completely ignored. they have nothing of interest to india other than scotch (oops... that would be scotland), burberry (ok, nice raincoats), and journalism (remember how the economist did വീണിടത്ത് കിടന്നു വിദ്യ (veenidathu kidannu vidya) after they called the election wrong?

we should certainly play japan and china off against each other, but japan is a civilizational ally, and china a civilizational enemy. 

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witan said...

Scotch and its derivative, Drambuie!