Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Russia's New Tram

Russia has announced its tram system of the future, with a very futuristic look:

Picture courtesy of Ivan Solomin (TramEKB)

Meanwhile, there are concerns that the Indian govt's focus on bullet trains merely amounts to creating white elephant projects which ordinary commuters won't be able to afford:

After BJP's last electoral debacle, we really don't need to see a revival of the India Shining mentality. Let's just get India Working first.

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Sujeev said...

This is a white elephant,

If, and when, it becomes operational, it will end up being the only such railway in the whole of India, as its costs become apparent to everyone. It cannot be extended throughout the country as promised now.

The only rationale for building this would be for Gujarati businessmen from Surat,Baroda & Ahmedabad to become daily commuters to Mumbai (At 320 kms an hour, Mumbai-Ahmedabad can be covered in 2 hours), and it will make NAMO look like a MERE POLITICIAN rewarding his constituency.

Wondering if the money cannot be put to better use, to do something really radical, LIKE BUILDING A RAIL, ROAD, PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE between DHANUSHKODI & TALAIMANNAR, and extending both road & railway through Tamil territory into Colombo.

Lots of constituencies should be OK with this.

1) This will make NAMO look like RAMA REBORN, for it will make Ramar Sethu functional again after many centuries, and not for war, but for peace & prosperity!'s_Bridge

2)Subramaniam Swamy should be OK with this, as he can get back into the good books of Sri Lankan Tamils, and it will forever put an end to efforts to break up Ramar Sethu and open up the waters between Sri Lanka & India to navigation by large ships, that he has fought so valiantly till now.

3)The Sri Lankan Tamils must be quite happy with this, as they will benefit from the permanent connection to Tamil Nadu, & India,and they will be in a position to exert influence on this important economic link.

4)The Tamil fishermen problem could become redundant, as it will not matter who catches the fish, as their catches will become available to markets on either side of the bridge.

5)The Sinhalese cannot be that happy with this, but even they must be salivating at the increased prospects for trade, and attendant prosperity that such trade will bring.

6)This can checkmate any Chinese attempt to use Sri Lankan territory as one of the pearls in the string they are trying to encircle India with.

7)This could become the template through which India can pull the whole of South Asia & South-East Asia closer together,and reestablish connections that we read about not even in our history books,but in fringe publications, today.

Any one else think this is a workable idea? And has such a proposal been made at all since the civil war in Sri Lanka ended?