Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hindu cremation needs ROP approval & Police permission in Mumtaz BanuArjee's Bengal

ROP bellicosity, unprovoked as usual.
The so called "minority" is actually the single largest monolithic community in India. It practically constitutes a majority, 
rules India in real terms and imposes its will - denying the most fundamental religious freedoms of Hindus; wantonly humiliating, massacring, raping and forcibly converting the "majority community" - irrespective of the much demonized Hindu nationalists' forming the Union government.

The ROP bigots cannot tolerate the sound of Hindu Temple bells in/ in the vicinity of their ghettos. Yet, they obscenely subject the rest of the citizenry 
to what is essentially Arab supremacist, totalitarian hate speech over Mosque loudspeakers literally 5 times a day, including unearthly hours like 4.0 am!

The mainstream media #Presstitutes collaborate in enforcing Dhimmitude of the Hindus. Pompous media personalities - most recently the atrocious windbag  Anwar Goswami - called for the demolition of a Hindu Temple in Moradabad, U.P merely because it was located in an area that has become a Moslem ghetto.

The Islamofascist Jihadis are now rioting and butchering Hindus in Mumtaz BanuArjee's Bengal because they cannot countenance the Hindu cremation rites!!!

It is not as if Moslems are being forced to cremate their dead! But, the Islamofascists have determined that cremation is "not permissible in Islam" !!!!!!!!!!!!

The logical corollary of this belligerence is that some Mullah will soon object to the birth of infidel Hindus - as the existence of Kafirs is "not permissible in Islam"!

The USCIRF cannot be trifled with such trivia, of course. In its wise opinion, the Hindus are ALWAYS GUILTY of "persecuting religious minorities" (sic) - by default and as a rule.

Of what utility is a "Hindu nationalist" government in New Delhi if such atrocities cannot be checked? 

In my opinion, the Hindus in West Bengal, Assam, large parts of U.P, Bihar, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad - Deccan etc. are just waiting for a Jihadi genocide to happen. Their destiny will be infinitely worse than the Kashmiri Pandit victims of religious cleansing - if this Islamofascist supremacism is not contained at this time.

Hindu cremation needs Islamic approval and police permission in Bengal !

by hinduexistence

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