Thursday, July 31, 2014

A historical photo of Razakars in Telangana, circa 1948

The Razakars of the erstwhile Nizam's state of Hyderabad were responsible for the massacre, rape and forcible conversions of hundreds of thousands of Hindus in the Deccan before the "Police action" liberated Hyderabad state and integrated it into the Indian Union.

Some of the Razakars fled to Pakistan. Most of them shamelessly remained in India and were never brought to justice - yet another accomplishment of perverted Nehruvian secularism. They just regrouped and rebranded themselves as the MIM, the party led by the bigoted, seditious, bloodthirsty and genocidal Owaisis.

It is these modern day Razakars who are being appeased, mollycoddled and encouraged by the government of Telangana - a state achieved due to the sacrifices of thousands of activists, whose martyrdom is insulted and betrayed by their government's shameful collaboration with Jihadi traitors.

Is this what KCR's daughter and Lok Sabha M.P K. Kavitha meant by her idiotic and seditious statement to the effect that "Kashmir and Telangana were both annexed by India".

Her seditious poison violates the memory of these Telangana martyrs who were massacred by the Razakars.

This included a few Hyderabadi Muslims as well - patriots, who supported accession to the Indian Union. One such prominent person was the journalist Shoaibullah Khan, whose hands the Razakars cut off as punishment for writing in favour of India.


Samhita Mahajan said...


Ever since the movement started, I only sniffed it as a destabilization act. The AP media and national media managed it so well that a great victim hood was created. General public and in particular the intellectuals in the right failed to realize that this is a Cultural-Marxism of the most dangerous order.

In your previous article you ranted that Telangana movement was indeed genuine, and coastal Andhra people are imperial yada yada (people in corporate life don't like some Andhra's for their pushy and manipulative nature. But who is not? Even a Keralite is!) But the point is Telugu is one of the most powerful languages and cultures in India. No doubt others too are, but I can't get enough text here about that in this comment.

If you break a strong cultures like Tamil with Dravidian and Xtian ideas, you can reap lot of destabilization benefit for an external force. Same happened to Telangana. It is a very well scripted move for years by the Marxists. Lot of heads are involved. Just because BJP supported it, it doesn't mean it has to be good.

Samhita Mahajan said...

And the next thing is BJP supporting the movement at least verbally. May be it was their move for votes. But historically BJP displayed humongous stupidity when many automatic opportunities came to BJP to have a strong presence in one the of the biggest and strongest states.

I am surprised that no one saw foresaw this risk!! Telangana has always been a hotbed of naxalism and other forms of extremism, and birthplace of Communists like Gaddar and other so called cultural icons. The victimhood of Telengana people is 'too' farfetched.

At the core of my gut, I always had this feeling since 2005 that if KCR is taking Telengana so hard, it means a risk in many dimensions.

I am not sure, what Modi has plans for such a situation. Just splitting the state and appeasing someone's emotions, BJP is not going to gain any foothold in AP or Telangana. It went wrong in its script. Even if they opposed the separation idea it would have still made same numbers.

nizhal yoddha said...

er... this is a blog written by several people, so i don't think i wrote what you refer to. might have been karyakarta.

i have been told by andhra people (and yes, they are among the most enterprising people in india -- eg almost all south indian restaurants in the US are run by andhras) that telengana people (esp the marxists) are malcontents and rogues.

i have not supported the telengana movement for several reasons: i anticipate the next will be the moplahstan movement to separate malabar from kerala and make it a muslim-majority state. (or muslim-only, more likely). i think that breaking up the old AP was not necessary or useful. (whether or not BJP supported it).

nb. i have never said kerala people aren't pushy: i regularly say rude things about keralites, especially the ultra-pushy RoL types.

Pagan said...
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Pagan said...

Have they infiltrated the ABVP? BJP and ABVP, which were so vocal before partition of the state, have turned extremely quiet on Urdu promotion and on reservations for Muslims.

Nationalism and political activism are of two kinds -- Dharma based and Ego based.

karyakarta92 said...

Samhita Mahajan, Nizhal Yodha, Pagan - the exploitation of the a Telangana region is real - first by the Moslem colonialists, including their local collaborators, i.e. some Reddy feudal landlords, then by some corrupt Andhras. It cannot be negated. However, stereotyping all Andhras as corrupt or all Telanganaites as rogues is not right. Yes, there are the worst traitors like Kancha Illiah and the Maoist scum - do they not exist in Samuel Reddy's region as well - the Penta-coastals. I supported the bifurcation - I think it can do wonders for ungovernable states like U.P, Bihar etc. However, KCR and his clan are turning out be seditious traitors. The people of Telangana will see through their evil conspiracies. TRS != Telangana. I wish the BJP had gained more strength there - the local leadership is lackluster. I'm reminded of Chandrababu Naidu's eloquent speech warning of such dangers, when he was in New Delhi - lobbying against the resolution in Parliament.